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“After All Is Said & Done” and/or “When All Is Said & Done” is actually a rewording of the following statement, “…: but the scriptures must be fulfilled.” Mark 14:49 from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

God has foretold the future in His Word, The Holy Bible, this forthtelling of the future was accomplished by the Holy Ghost through the instrument of men endued by God with the Holy Spirit; and God is fulfilling what He has foretold in His Word, The Holy Bible.

The Lord Jesus Christ stated that “the scriptures must be fulfilled.” Indeed, He has already fulfilled many, but those prophecies remaining to be fulfilled, shall be fulfilled, regardless of what all of those who oppose Him, that is, refuse Him, reject Him, resist Him, and rebel against Him insist to the contrary, and do to prevent the Lord’s will being fulfilled.

I am dependent on the Lord for whatever wisdom and truth I share with you through this program.

As for what the future holds for us, that is, we free people, the unpleasant truth is – the continuing subversive undermining, decline, and looming fall of the United States of America and of all free nations, barring a miraculous saving reformation. That is simply the sad truth, which no broadcasting network or company of any size cares to have shared, because they don’t think it is good for business success. That is the way it is, thus here I am in Internet obscurity.