About Podcasts – Introduction

Unlike typical “talk” programs, these program episodes will generally not be driven by the “top” stories of the day, though they will frequently reference or make mention of compelling current and recent news stories, including “top” stories; but rather than the usual fare of common knee-jerk reactions to events, I will provide commentary in the context of key themes, preferably “after the dust has settled.”

As is the case for podcast programs, by definition they will not be live, but they will be recorded ala what used to be referred to as “live to tape,” though now “live to disc…” would be more accurate. If, and/or when, these programs are broadcast live via terrestrial radio or satellite radio facilities, the recordings of the program should be available to download or stream, via the website of said broadcast company or network.

If you listen regularly, you will hear certain themes revisited frequently, being that they are most important ones (in my view) to focus on and to revisit regularly.

When it comes to commenting on major public figures, I will focus on their words and deeds, and I will (if altogether too diplomatically) describe them as I “see” them; nonetheless, I will endeavor to temper my descriptions of them.

And as I typically state midway through most of the program episodes, whatever is right, true, good…about these programs is due to my LORD and God, and His holy Son Jesus; whatever is lacking…is due to me.