Contact me – Broadcast Co. inquiries

If you desire to reach me, regarding broadcast inquiries, kindly leave messages for me including your contact information (and please state your phone number twice), at the following number:

From a commercial standpoint I realize that many may view Brad Thomas presents, “After All Is Said & Done” as not being what they are looking for, owing to my oft communicated Biblical convictions, beliefs, and views; but ironically to dismiss my programs on this basis is to commit a self-fulfilling prophecy, that is, failure to air my programs results in no one listening to them. Failure to carry my programs does nothing to prove the executives’ judgment correct. Moreover, industry experts have been greatly mistaken before regarding what radio programs, TV programs, movies, stage plays, books…will or will not receive a substantial audience, if given the opportunity.

What’s more, history shows that as circumstances…change, the media that people seek out and follow also changes. As a case in point there is the recent great success of Spanish TV program Salvados (Saved), which during it’s fifth year on the air achieved a huge following. Salvados is focused on determining and explaining how Spain got into the economic crisis it is in, and how to extricate itself from the crisis (lots of luck with getting out of economic crisis, and staying out of it).  Then too, during the great depression one US radio broadcaster rose to great prominence and became enormously successful with his news reporting commentary. As times worsen, many people will seek out broadcasters who have not been part of the problem, specifically broadcasters who have not been on the air heretofore, and who have foreseen and foretold of the problems.

Additional examples of the errors committed by companies regarding whom to carry, promote, and so forth, include the instances in times recently past in which many authors have languished in various genre backwaters, being read by small numbers of people, while their publishers have insisted on type-casting them, and have refused to promote them and their works, only for all of this to change with upheaval of staff at a given publishing house, or when said authors have changed publishers for publishing houses that had the good sense to better appreciate said authors, and voila, these same perennially unsuccessful authors have become “best selling” authors.

While the program episodes listed here are typically only 54 minutes in length, I would prefer for “After All Is Said & Done” to be broadcast as a “long-form” program (such as two or three hours per program), from Monday through Friday, or, even Monday through Saturday.

I am willing to relocate to the immediate locale of a company’s preferred home station’s broadcast facilities, within reason. Hopefully such an opportunity would include the opportunity to syndicate programs to stations across the country.

Thank you kindly,

Brad Thomas

PS – Ideally, I would like to broadcast my other programs for an hour per program as frequently as possible.