Contact me – Media Inquiries

If you desire to reach me, regarding broadcast inquiries, kindly leave messages for me including your contact information (and please state your phone number or numbers twice), at the following number:

If you have tried to reach me, but I have failed to reply, I have undoubtedly failed to notice your messages, so kindly leave an additional message for me.

From a commercial standpoint I realize that many may view this program as not being what they are looking for, owing to my oft communicated Biblical convictions, beliefs, and views (though, historically speaking, people’s interests and inclinations have a way of changing with changing circumstances…); but while the opportunity to broadcast “After All Is Said & Done” professionally, Monday – Friday, or Monday – Saturday, in a format such as two or three hours per program, via terrestrial or satellite radio, may elude me indefinitely, hopefully these programs will benefit those who find them online.

In order to broadcast via terrestrial or satellite radio, I am willing to relocate to the immediate locale of a company’s preferred home station’s broadcast facilities. Then too, I am willing to broadcast via ISDN codec (if I can secure ISDN service). In the case of broadcasting via a terrestrial radio station network, hopefully such an opportunity would include the opportunity to syndicate the program to stations across the country from the company’s home station.  In any case, I require creative carte blanche.

Thank you kindly, truly,

Brad Thomas