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AAISAD 0142 – Trump at the UN; US Military Power; AI Autonomous Weapons; Cuba & Techno. Warfare; What’s Cooking with Vladimir & Xi Jinping?

Civil Discourse? Can’t we all just get along? Accosting Ted & Heidi, Senator Ted Cruz y Heidi. President Trump takes his show on the road and plays to the house at the UN, to mixed reviews. US Military might, lone

AAISAD 0141 – Where have all the darlings gone? & Why? The terrible truth, is that the worst is yet to come

Rape-Murder, Kidnap-Rape-Murder, “thrill” torture murders…Celia Barquin Arozema, Iowa St; Maureen Brubaker Farley; Ashley Johnson-Barr. The absolute necessities of immediate, thorough house to house searches in towns, communities, and areas of proximity to stranger kidnappings of children, and young women, and

AAISAD 0140 – Gangland War Against LEO’s; Hurricane Florence tragedy & triumph, death & life; Hollywood Bloodlust

NY Corrections Officer/LEO, Jonathan Narain. Hurricane Florence – Dazia Lee & baby Kaiden; Nicholas & Danielle Digregorio & babies Sadie & Scarlett; Tony Alsup & the dog & cat express; islands of fire ants. Fin Whales & Planned Parenthood’s new

AAISAD 0139 – Disasters Natural & Man-made; Destroyers preying on the children; a nation that doesn’t know & doesn’t care

Hurricane Florence – gators in the flood-waters. Natural Gas – clean, cheap, abundant, & safe?! Lawrence, MA Ashley Johnson-Barr; Evelyn Rodriguez, mother of Kayla Cuevas; Kayla Cuevas & Nisa Mickens. Kendal Fenwick; Botham Shem Jean; Gary & Jackie Skelton; Jonathan

AAISAD 0138 – Hurricane Flo, “Acts of God”; Sharks…; Death Penalty & Execution; Kidnap-Rape-Enslavement; Law Enforcement Officers?!

Hurricane Florence and the Carolinas – Nothin’ Could Be Fina’ than to be in Carolina in the …. The death’s of Botham Shem Jean; Vanessa Marquez; Richard Black, Jr.; and Kelly Coltrain…. Noisome Beasts: Great White Sharks welcomed to Cape

AAISAD 0137 – Islam, 09/11/01 Terror Attack, 17th Anniversary; Islam Siege of Vienna, Battle of Vienna; what lies ahead

September 11, 2001 Terror Attack by Islamists, with involvement from low friends in high places. Why September 11th, and not September 12th?! Islamist attack of Americans in the Netherlands. John Bolton, National Security Advisor vs. the International Criminal Court (so-called),

AAISAD 0136 – Military Superpower Communist China; Protect the sharks, including the monstrous destroyers of the innocents!

The rise of the Communist Chinese Regime to threatening military superpower. Tornadoes in the land of cheese anyone? Protecting the Great White Sharks from people! Pope Francis using the Papacy to protect the vicious, sadistic, torturous kidnap-rape-murderers of the innocents

AAISAD 0135 – Tragedies, Preventable & Otherwise; Supremely Wicked Justices…siding with Monstrous Destroyers of the Innocents

Beware noisome beasts – Alligators slaying women walking dogs in SC & FL. There’s no such thing as a bad person. The Ohio Supreme Court acts on behalf of serial kidnapper, rapist, murderer Anthony Kirkland, and destroyers everywhere. The Pope

AAISAD 0134 – Taiwan & US & China & North Korea & Iran & France & Europe & the Big One!

John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act & strengthening Taiwan & scrutinizing Chinese “investment” in America for “investments” that compromise, jeopardize, and threaten US national security. Taiwan’s independence-favoring president Tsai Ing-wen. Kim’s North Korean Communist Regime spewing out propaganda to

AAISAD 0133 – Sen. McCain & Pres. Trump & Atty. Genl. Sessions; Sen. Collins on Supreme Ct. nominee Brett Kavanaugh; the leaders we choose

Senator John McCain, Rep. AZ – a better man than a Senator. President Donald Trump – a worse man than a President; and a better administration than the USA’s CEO. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – a better man and Attorney