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AAISAD 0149 – Evil Regimes; WWII Resistance Fighter’s lesson; Midterm Elections & Trump; Economy & Farmers

Regimes – South Africa, Zimbabwe (fmr. Rhodesia), and the role played by western nations and institutions, notably, American Universities…in championing wicked regimes to take power. Norway’s WWII Hero Joachim Ronneberg’s lesson for youth…. Evil Regimes – Nazis (National Socialist Party)….

AAISAD 0148 – Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre; Doctor & Nurse taking lives…; Rape by Police

Destroyers – “Inability to control impulses”/”inability to control baser instincts”? ¬†– versus – Why destroyers really destroy. German & American Hospital and Medical Center Administrators complicit in mass murders and mass maimings. ¬†Accessories after and before the fact. Rape by

AAISAD 0147 – Vermont & behavior modification; Assassination Bulgarian-style; Trump’s & Kushner’s relationship w/Saudi Crown Prince

Vermont Public “Education” acting on behalf of leftist activist organizations seeking to subvert, corrupt, and pervert children. Viktoria Marinova, Bulgarian Investigative Reporter, conveniently slaughtered by thug? Detroit awash in bodies of murdered babies and murdered pre-born babies. President Trump’s brave

AAISAD 0146 – Jayme Closs, Kierra Coles & babe, Farrah Turner, Lauren McCluskey, Viktoria Marinova…

13-yr-old Jayme Closs. 26-yr-old Kierra Coles pregnant with 1st term babe. Farrah Turner & Terrence Carraway. 21-yr-old Lauren McCluskey. 30-yr-old Viktoria Marinova – part 1. Vermont Public Schools & “surveys” – part 1. Netflix & “Florida’s Porn King”! A little

AAISAD 0145 – Kentucky grit; newest member of the Supremes; Precedents & parasites; Hill-Billy shall lead us!

A good ol’ Kentucky Blue Grass boy shows the left a thing or two. Take your place Justice Kavanaugh! Warnings from sitting judges of SCOTUS not to threaten “the Supreme Court’s reputation as a neutral arbiter.” Adolf Hitler’s Nazis &

AAISAD 0144 – Oops UPS; Iran, & Putin’s hit teams, & China’s provocateurs; “best & brightest”?

UPS robbed of 400+ firearms. Iran reigns down missiles at targets in Syria, more to come! Putin’s assassination hit squads at work abroad. Ricin mailed to the Pentagon. Taking a page from A. Lincoln’s playbook: Communist China provoking US to

AAISAD 0143 – Shark! Trump-talk; Trump-Admin. Ben & HUD; Birth Tourism; Claw Hammer Horrors & the pied papa!

Shark attacks, heroic rescue to no avail; and much, much worse is to come, Jaws 2.0, 3.0, …. English? Who would have guessed? The Donald’s gaffes; careful Mr. President your … is showing. Ben Carson’s HUD bowing to Dr. Trump’s

AAISAD 0142 – Trump at the UN; US Military Power; AI Autonomous Weapons; Cuba & Techno. Warfare; What’s Cooking with Vladimir & Xi Jinping?

Civil Discourse? Can’t we all just get along? Accosting Ted & Heidi, Senator Ted Cruz y Heidi. President Trump takes his show on the road and plays to the house at the UN, to mixed reviews. US Military might, lone

AAISAD 0141 – Where have all the darlings gone? & Why? The terrible truth, is that the worst is yet to come

Rape-Murder, Kidnap-Rape-Murder, “thrill” torture murders…Celia Barquin Arozema, Iowa St; Maureen Brubaker Farley; Ashley Johnson-Barr. The absolute necessities of immediate, thorough house to house searches in towns, communities, and areas of proximity to stranger kidnappings of children, and young women, and

AAISAD 0140 – Gangland War Against LEO’s; Hurricane Florence tragedy & triumph, death & life; Hollywood Bloodlust

NY Corrections Officer/LEO, Jonathan Narain. Hurricane Florence – Dazia Lee & baby Kaiden; Nicholas & Danielle Digregorio & babies Sadie & Scarlett; Tony Alsup & the dog & cat express; islands of fire ants. Fin Whales & Planned Parenthood’s new