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AAISAD 0167 – French Yellow Vest protests, violent anarchist riots! Ignoble Nobel org.; Pelosi, Trump, & Warren; Boeing Maxed-out!

France – major faction of violent anarchists continue to exploit Yellow Vest Protests! President Emmanuel Macron.  Nobel Prize organization shows it’s true colors again. Howard Schultz?  Please, can’t someone find a tank for this he-man to ride in? Elizabeth Warren,

AAISAD 0166 – Manhattan, NYC, NY & the tragic death of Malaysia Goodson, a microcosm of the USA’s great failings

The death of 22-year-old mother Malaysia Goodson at Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue subway station; the survival of her one-year-old daughter Rhylee. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority – MTA, diplomatically dodging responsibility for her death, and avoiding horribly overdue need for

AAISAD 0165 – Trump-Kim Summit II, Relationship & Doing It Right; Trusting Evil Leaders; Michael Cohen on Trump’s character…; Boris Nemtsov

President Trump & Kim Jong Un Summit II in Hanoi, Vietnam – “great” relationship and doing it “right” with “great” leader Kim…. Former Executive & Personal Attorney for Donald Trump, Sr., Michael Cohen on Trump’s character, ways of operating, Presidential

AAISAD 0164 – Biden-time?; Trump & Kim, We fell in love; Putin’s saber-rattling; ERA goals surpassed, draft women for war!

Presidential Race 2020 – Joe Biden coyly biding his time (but time could pass him by). Trump-Kim / USA-North Korea Summit II in Hanoi, Vietnam – Hanoi Hilton anyone? President Donald Trump & “President” Kim Jong Un, “We fell in

AAISAD 0163 – Presidential Race 2020 & Socialist candidates’ agenda; World conquest-related, continued; Martina Navratilova

The Donald & his boys Sean & Rush; their Connections, Influence, Answers, and their cost! Bernie Sanders and all of his adopters vying for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. Martina Navratilova’s accurate statements regarding so-called “transgender women” and sports, resulting

AAISAD 0162 – Fiction vs. Fact; Putin’s & Jinping’s objectives, & Hitler’s playbook; Taiwan… & Eastern Europe….

Hollywood…narratives, Fiction vs. Fact. Ultimate world conquest by a resurgent Grecian-Roman Empire (per the Bible), but possible prior divvying up of some of the world by the Russian & Communist Chinese Regimes. History and Adolph Hitler’s playbook, Vladimir Putin, &

AAISAD 0161 – Dying planets, people, & civilizations; defection to Islamist Iran; Islamist Taliban; outrages, tragedies, & a rescue

Dying planets – what purportedly causes planets to die; what truly causes planets to die? Dying people – what causes people to die? Dying civilizations – what truly causes civilizations to die? Presidential Race 2020 & socialist dialectic.  Violent Crimes

AAISAD 0160 – Murder & Non-Punishment; so-called 2nd degree murder; corrupt Press on Islamist Terror; Red Rules 1919

Hadiya Pendleton’s mother Cleopatra Cowley’s statement (deservedly yet again). Alexa Cannon, Sarah Coit, Jennifer Martel…tortuously slaughtered by monstrous destroyers! The USofA’s “Justice System”; monstrous destroyers only charged with second-degree murder! A trip down memory lane to share regarding the destruction

AAISAD 0159 – True State of the Union; 2nd degree murder; HBO’s Smirky Maher; Social Media mobocracy; Empty Planet

The True State of the Union of the United States of America – circa 2019. The US “Justice System’s” Second-degree murder and other obscene, damnable, fateful fictions. HBO’s vile for style, filthy, loathsome, petty bully, ever smirking Bill Maher. World

AAISAD 0158 – Hallmark; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, et al; Friends & Sleepless in Seattle; Kidnap, Rape, Murder…Justice?

Hallmark Channel may not be all that it could be, but at least its fare is not vile; so why does it promote Ruth Bader Ginsburg?! Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her comrades and their evil agendas. “Friends,” “Sleepless in Seattle,”