Author: Brad Thomas

AAISAD 0115 – Another Munich agreement? New BFF’s Trump & Kim.

President Trump’s tiff with Canadian PM Trudeau. Singapore Summit, another Munich Agreement? “Peace for our time.” President Trump’s new BFF Kim Jong Un! The superpowers behind the bloody Kim’s North Korean regime. Play in new window | Download (Duration:

AAISAD 0114 – Bobby & Jack, RFK & JFK, those who slew them and seek our destruction

50th Anniversary of the political assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Truth regarding who really was responsible for the assassination of Senator Bobby Kennedy, and the assassination of his elder brother President John F. Kennedy. The evil powers that be, and

AAISAD 0113 – Trump & Kim?; Putin & Hitler; coming attractions?

Summit anyone? President Trump & Kim Jong Un, aka Kim Young Un, Kim the Kid…. North Korean “potential”? Putin & Hitler, similarities, Olympiads…. Blitzkrieg ascendancy to absolute power. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Android

AAISAD 0112 – Red Flags at Santa Fe; our Injustice System; Star”bucks”?; a “royal” debacle!

Massacre at Santa Fe High School – “there weren’t any red flags”?! The United States of America’s Injustice System, including the state counterparts. Starbucks CEO opens his “stores’” floodgates to the teaming masses; no problem, his core clientele won’t mind,

AAISAD 0111 – Royal Wedding & British Royals, Fab Four; “Loyalty”; US-NK Summit?; US companies bowing to Communist Chinese regime

Royal Wedding of Prince Henry/Harry & Meghan Markle; the “Fab Four”; British Royals…and changing the world. Israel & Islam. Coalitions, and the coming last worldly, anti-God, anti-Christ kingdom. “Loyalty” US-NK Summit? US/International companies bowing to the Communist Chinese regime.

AAISAD 0110 – Nobel again, North Korea, US Tech Giants “collaborating with” Communist China, Ethics?

President Trump’s noble Nobel quest? Otto Warmbier, Kim Dong Chul, Tony Kim/Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Hak-song/Kim Hak Song. Falling to a “summit” with Kim’s North Korean regime. Communist China seducing executives of tech giants of the USA to lay all

AAISAD 0109 – The Nobel Prize, Pres. Trump, Korea, China, Africa, Israel

NASA’s search for Intelligent Life predating ours on this earth! A Nobel Prize for President Donald Trump; why this is not a good idea. Korean Peace…? The USA & Communist China. The Modern State of Israel’s 70th Anniversary, and survival.

AAISAD 0108 – artful liars…Albert Speer, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama

The NFL Draft. Being carefully led to select evil leaders. Hitler’s “architect” Albert Speer, and other masters of lying subtlety, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Android |

AAISAD 0107 – It’s springtime when young men’s thoughts turn to politics?

Democrat Presidential “front-runners” beating the impeachment drum! Lawyers and the so-called “rule of law.” Betsy DeVos and various other members of the executive administration actually serving America by rolling back evils of prior administrations, despite grievous opposition from the left!

AAISAD 0106 – Revisiting the State of the Union Address

The irony of the Democrats’ impeachment agenda, and the Russian excuse for it; what it’s really about, what has brought it about. The President’s second State of the Union Address, revisited. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58