About me

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard this guy before, and/or heard of him before?”  And then again, perhaps not.

The short version: the reason you have not heard me, nor heard of me, before now, is that I have never been “gainfully” employed as a talk host, whether on radio, on television, or on both.


Over the decades and years (during which radio broadcasting has been severely impacted by deregulation-facilitated “consolidation and concentration” of radio stations and networks), various broadcast company managers have chosen not to afford me an opportunity to host talk programs, nor to broadcast in other capacities, with their companies.  I suppose that this has been (and continues to be) due to any number of factors: as for these factors, in addition to the aforementioned “consolidation and concentration” of radio stations and networks, they include some that are laughably illegitimate; others that simply don’t make good business sense; others which are short-sighted, at the very least; and likely others….  One example of the laughably illegitimate was the experience that I had with one organization long ago: I was not offered an on-air gig on the grounds that I was too serious, and not offered an accounting job on the grounds that I was too humorous; yes, that is a microcosm of my life.

For prospective employers, I will offer possible response scenarios that a broadcast company, network, or syndicator, might reasonably expect to experience should they elect to try my program:
many listeners who might hear me, might hate what I have to say, and thus might hate me, yet, many of them might listen to me and continue to do so, if only, to love hating me!  I had first-hand experience with this regarding my television version of this radio program;
others might simply tune me out;
others might grudgingly agree with me on some or much, and thus might continue to listen to me;
others might like what they hear from me, and regularly tune in to broadcasts, and thus regularly hear advertising broadcast by the company immediately before, during, and immediately after the program;
while others might love the program.

Various broadcast company executives may summarily pass on me due to personally disliking what I have to say; or fearing a backlash to what I have to share; or dispassionately insisting on taking the “safe” “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” option or out; and all while failing to take even a modest amount of time to consider whether they should put me on the air, or discuss such a possibility with me, nor to consider the opportunity cost that they may incur by passing on me while allowing some other broadcast company to gain the opportunity to “discover” me.

What kind of broadcast company, or broadcast executive, might choose to feature my program, or feel free to do so:
perhaps a less conventional one (in terms of today’s conventions);
or a bolder one;
or one that has room for more programs, than is available with traditional terrestrial radio stations;
or one that chooses to offer more programming latitude than is typical;
or perhaps a broadcast company whose leaders are more focused on broadcasting, than “the business of broadcasting.”

Over the years I have witnessed while various others, who possess literally none of the qualities required, let alone that should be desired, for talk hosting roles, have been offered talk show gigs on a whim, due to the politically and societally corrupt times in which we live, while these same employers seem to look for “reasons” to deny me opportunity to broadcast and to make a living from so doing.  If I were a woman, or a black man, a man of “color,” or one of the various newly championed privileged classes, or were seeking to broadcast programs detrimental to the nation and the people of it, I would long ago have had “champions” publicly agitating for me and demanding that the government bring all manner of punishments down upon those who had discriminatorily denied me employment, the opportunity to make a living from broadcasting, and the use of the airwaves….

In case you haven’t heard, life isn’t fair; and this is true throughout every walk of life, without exception. If you don’t believe me, then, as a case in point, look at the many Presidents and Vice Presidents, Presidential Cabinet members, US Supreme Court Justices, US Senators and US Representatives, Governors, and major metropolitan Mayors…that America has suffered under for lo these many recent decades!