AAISAD 0303 – Putin’s Secret Weapon, Islamist Chechen Terrorist Commandos, murder Russian wounded, gang-rape torture murder Ukrainians!

Neo-Hitler fascist Vladimir Putin’s protégé Islamist Chechen Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov’s rapacious murderous Islamist Chechen Kadyrovtsy commandos murder Russian wounded, torture and massacre Ukrainians, gang-rape and murder Ukrainian women and girls.

Putin’s protégé Islamist Chechen Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov threatens to terroristically invade Poland, “Once Ukraine is done, we can show you what we’re capable of!”


Uvalde Texas grade school massacre courtesy of massive criminal cowardice by LEOs… Robb Elementary School children and teachers massacred while 19 LEOs waited outside classroom door for more than an hour! “Clearly in hindsight, it was the wrong decision.”!!! Texas Department of Safety Steven McCraw

Evil party, i.e., Democrat party, de facto leader Biden…