AAISAD 0301 – Fascist Gangster Putin’s Criminal ‘Total War’ Invasion of Ukraine… Western Criminal Apathy.

Fascist Gangster Vladimir Putin’s deliberately vicious utterly inhumane terrorist ‘Total War’ against godly Ukraine.

The appalling failure of the Western nations’ leaders, including of nuclear ‘Super Powers.’

Putin’s propaganda.

Biden’s USA’s rhetoric, promises, and appeasement…

A godly leader, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, moves to educate youngsters in public schools of the historical evils of communism.

The Western leftist major media, less than major media, and minor media, and their endless propaganda war.

President Biden’s deliberate immigration and border debacle?

The wicked West leaves Ukraine to stand alone as it forsook the newly minted state of modern Israel in May 1948, and essentially since then.