AAISAD 0296 – R. BLM Kelly. President Biden & Team Biden Dishonorably Discharging Troops, making Border Patrol pay, coordinating with the Taliban against Afghans…

R&B’s R. BLM Kelly exceedingly belatedly to take a gig in prison.

President Joseph Biden champions dishonorably discharging American troops for refusing vaccinations.

President Joseph Biden declares slandered US Border Patrol agents will be made to pay for purported mistreatment of illegal Haitian immigrants.

Twitter’s leftist war against all things not leftist.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Pres. Biden lying to America about the US-Mexico border…

President Biden’s Afghanistan debacle – US Department of Defense and US State Department coordinating with “our Afghan partners,” the Islamist terrorist Taliban on security at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, providing names/identities of all persons who have worked for a free Afghanistan, who the US sought to evacuate…in addition to American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan allies.

President Joseph Biden to require young women to register for the Draft via the National Defense Authorization Act!