AAISAD 0294 – PBS Drag Sodomites for toddlers & kiddies. Biden’s Title X abortion machinations. Leftist’s hatred of Israel.

Joe Biden’s Administration’s, New York City Dept. of Education, and Democrat’s, evil agenda using PBS, the Public Broadcasting System, to indoctrinate 3-year-old to 8-year-old children to embrace sexual perversion

Title X and President Joe Biden’s focus on illegally subverting it once again to fund induced abortion, and force Title X grantees, who are people of conscience, to refer girls, young women, and women of child-bearing age, to abortionists, and/or counsel them to seek induced abortion. “Obligate parasites!”

Leftist’s hatred of Israel, leftists being Communists, Fascists, totalitarians, Democrats…

Joseph Pulitzer

Communist Rules for Revolution – The Red Rules 1919

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto 1846.

The Holy Bible – The Book of the Prophet/Priest Jeremiah, chapter 7.