AAISAD 0293 – Islam vs. Christianity. Lahore, Pakistan… Canada’s perversely anti-Christian regime. India. The coming total fall of the West.

Myriad Islamist evils, and its Christian victims.

Islamist evils against Christians in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore. Christians, Nadeem Samson, Nadeem Joseph, Nurses Tabita, Mariam Lal, Nehwish Urooj, Sakina Bibi, Jessica Khurram, and Treeza Eric, 16-year-old Kiran Bashir, and 8-year-old Anum Bibi.

Canada’s deportation of Pakistani Christians seeking asylum from murderous persecution, while Canada’s leftist regime provides automatic blanket amnesty for all Muslims claiming to be Ahmadis.

India’s anti-Christian Conversion laws.

The coming end of the West. The fallen former Christendom’s rapidly approaching end under satanic total world domination.

The Holy Bible, the Old Testament, The Book of the Prophet/Priest Jeremiah, chapter 6.