AAISAD 0292 – Immigration Laws. India’s Anti-Christian Conversion Laws. Islamist Pakistan. US Supreme Ct., SCOTUS, & the Constitutional Right to Keep & Bear Arms.

What would a godly immigration law be based upon? How would it differ from what is currently used in the USA, and recommended for the USA?

America and Communist Russia during and after WWII and application with respect to immigration, and valuing/devaluing life.

India’s so-called “Anti-Conversion” laws, actually Hindu activists’ Anti-Christian Conversion laws. The glorious Hindu caste-system of India!

Pakistan’s Islamist regime and state-sponsored, state-conducted, deadly persecution of Christians, such as Nadeem Samson. Part 1

SCOTUS, US Supreme Court to hear a case regarding the “bear arms” portion of the absolute Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and what can actually be expected will be the result.

The Holy Bible, the Old Testament, The Book of the Prophet/Priest Jeremiah, chapter 6.