AAISAD 0291 – Race baiting, whipping up race riots, Murder by riot. Canada & India vs. Christianity. The coming end of western civilization.

Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn’s widow Ann speaks out against violence against whites generally, and white police particularly, incited by political leaders and VIPs.

Canada’s persecution of GraceLife Church of Edmonton, Alberta, and pastor James Coates.

India’s persecution of Christianity via it’s anti-conversion laws, to remake India into a Hindu-only nation.

“State Security,” “National Security,” “National Health,” “World Health,” …?

Indoctrination via propaganda, endlessly repeated lies, behavior modification, especially of children!

“Everything happens for a reason?” …

Coming Attractions – the coming end of western civilization, meaning Christian civilization.

The coming most dangerous man in the world, and his ten top henchmen.

The Holy Bible, the Old Testament, The Book of the Prophet/Priest Jeremiah, chapter 5.