AAISAD 0285 – State of America… Entertainment Media, Journalism, Broadcasting, Publishing. Centuries of Leftist Conspiracy to destroy free nations & supplant them with worldwide Regime.

The true state of affairs in the USA, UK, Europe, the ‘free world,’ …

What criteria are determinate in selection of screenplays, teleplays, and scripts to produce movies streaming series, TV shows, and TV movies from? What criteria are determinate in selection of prospective authors to represent, prospective books to publish traditionally, and what do these things have to do with the state of the USA and ‘free nations’?

Approaching one quarter of a millennia of Leftist conspiracy to destroy all free nations, and enslave the entire world’s peoples under one worldwide regime!

The so-called Fall of the Roman Empire, a cautionary tale.

Putin’s Russian totalitarian regime, Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese regime, the Islamist totalitarian regimes…

& …the soon-coming worldwide regime!