AAISAD 0277 – “One People, One Nation-Empire, One Leader”? Conform, Resistance is Futile! Hitler…& Evil Regimes. Who shall resist? Faith in God & Christ. Israel

Political speeches, notably Presidential addresses, such as State of the Union addresses and campaign “stump speeches.” “Our” this and that.

Hitler’s Fascist Regime, Lenin’s Communist Regime, Stalin’s Communist Regime, Mao tse Dung’s/Tsung’s Communist Regime, Kim’s Communist Regime, and all Evil Regimes, be they Socialist – Communist or Fascist, or Islamist, or another Totalitarian/Authoritarian regime.

The Last Evil Regime – the coming World-Wide Evil Regime versus the last nation standing, Israel.

WWII – the “miracle” of the escape of Danish Jews from Hitler’s slaughter. WWII – France’s protestant Christian Le Chambon-sur-Lignon and the deliverance of Jews from Hitler’s slaughter.

Crimean Tatar, Jamala – Ukraine’s Susana Jamaladynova, “1944” and the 2016 Eurovision singing contest.

Einstein – Albert Einstein’s dearth of faith in God, Christ, and the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.