AAISAD 0276 – Sharks or people? Kidnapper-rapists…or girls like Linda Stoltzfoos? Putin or Alexei Navalny, Ukraine’s Jamala, Crimea & the Tatars? Einstein or God, the Bible, & even Jewry?

Sharks, including Great White Sharks, or people? How is it that the US Federal Government under Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham-Clinton decided sharks’s lives were more important than people’s lives?

How is it that in America and all ‘western’ nations/’free’ nations, the lives of kidnapper-rapists…are deemed more precious than those of kidnapped, raped…girls like Linda Stoltzfoos.

Is Alexei Navalny correct – do ‘All autocratic regimes come to an end’?

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime vs. Crimea and the Tatars. Eurovision, Ukraine’s Jamala and “1944.”

Putin’s Russian Regime and Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Regime vs. America.

Albert Einstein’s very low opinion of God, and the Bible, and devaluation of Jewry.