AAISAD 0275 – Great White Sharks…& wicked government. US European Command, Germany to Belgium with NATO Military HQ. US Military redeployment in EU. Putin’s Russian Regime…

Julie Dimperio Holowach destroyed by Great White Shark 20 yards from shore of Bailey Island, Harpswell, southern Maine, while swimming with daughter.

1997 – date the National Marine Fisheries Service banned fishing for great white sharks in US territorial waters.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper – moving 1/3 of US Military Forces from Germany to USA and other locations in Europe; moving US European Command to Mons, Belgium to be co-located with NATO’s military HQ.

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime – resistance is futile…his continuous oppression of all genuine political opposition, and continued program of assassination of all whom he fears and hates most.

Alexei Navalny – his Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) – and Putin’s regime’s police-state attacks of it and of Navalny, including attempted assassination.