AAISAD 0273 – Presidential Race 2020 X-Factors – Part 1. “Full Shutdown”? Gov’t. power seizures … regime building. Communist Chinese Regime & Putin’s Russian Regime. Coming one-world regime.

Presidential Race 2020 home-stretch or stretch-run – what could change the outcome? Part 1.

“Full Shutdown” versus “moderate program” of frequent hand-washing, “social distancing,” and “mask wearing”?

Las Vegas… in a world of hurt.

Republican versus Republican over statewide… executive orders to wear masks….

“We are at war!” – so-called “Wartime President!” … but what is the war really about?

Zimbabwe, Hungary, and other regimes exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to remain in power, increase power, seize power….

US Senate limits transfers of military equipment from DOD to state and municipal police departments.

France – heavily armed gangs terrorizing major city populations.

The WHO and all world-planning organizations…”building national unity & global solidarity.”

Communist Chinese Regime & Putin’s Russian Regime vis-a-vis USA, what lies beneath the surface?

The coming world-wide regime.