AAISAD 0268 – Linda Stoltzfoos. Saharan Dust storm. Earthquake in Huatulco, MX. Biden. Blacktivism, mobs. Violent Crime. Ayn Rand & Atlas Shrugged. Burning Man…

Linda Stoltfoos, 18-yrs-of-age, missing in Lancaster County since Sunday, June 21, 12:30pm.

Massive dust storm from Saharan Africa pervades Caribbean, moves on to continental USA.

Huatulco, Mexico – Earthquake 7.4 magnitude, lives lost.

Joe Biden Jr. pandering and demagoguing his way to the White House. Socialism.

Blacktivism – Only Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Most, Only Black Mobs Matter.

Violent Crimes – Kidnap, Rape, Sex Trafficking of 13 & 15-yr-old girls. Murder & Attempted Murder of Whites by Blacks. Kidnap, Rape, Torture Murder of 10-yr-old girl, monstrous destroyer to be executed 21 yrs later.

US Army’s “response” to kidnap… of lovely Vanessa Guillen from Fort Hood, Texas base.

North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong vs. South Korea.

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged & USA today & the ‘free” world. Burning Man… Coming attractions!