AAISAD 0267 – WHO’s second wave… Steroid dexamethasone reduces COVID-19 deaths. Disbanding, defunding of police departments. North Korea. Dying Civilization…Regime Changes.

WHO’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on risk of second wave… of coronavirus.

Age newborn to 19 years – only 1/2 the risk of contracting coronavirus vs. 20 years and up.

Readily available, inexpensive, steroid drug dexamethasone found to reduce deaths of severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Blactivism & demise of republic in Minneapolis, NYC, LA… as Democrat politicians disband police departments, steal funding of police departments, and allocate those stolen funds to black groups.

Black violence in USA and abroad. Black sexual predator arrested for murder of BLM activist Toyin Salau & volunteer Vicki Sims. South African beauty Tshego Pule & preborn child slaughtered in SA.

Sanitizing military base names, eradicating history, in deference to Democrat Blacktivists, BLM….

North Korean Communist aggression via symbolism versus weak South Korean government.

“Burning Man” introduction, more to come next program.