AAISAD 0260 – Jinping’s Chinese Communist Regime vs. the people of Hong Kong. UK & EU, SIS II. Islamist Terror in TX. Iran Islamist Regime vs. Israel. Trump & Biden. Sweden’s example.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Communist Chinese Regime’s act against Hong Kong.

Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime’s prelude to violent suppression of Hong Kong dissent.

Post-Brexit UK and EU spar over access to cooperative crime database, Schengen Info. System.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi attacked by homegrown Islamist terrorist.

President Trump – Mosques in America = essential places that provide essential services. [?]

Iran’s Islamist Regime demonizes and threatens Israel in Quds Day annual speech.

$80 Million+ from PPP-Federal Paycheck Protection Program to world’s #1 aborter PP-“Planned Parenthood.”

Sweden’s example of a free-nation response to the coronavirus…sanity in an insane world.

Guatemala, one nation being driven to mass-starvation by government reactions to coronavirus.

Undemocratic coronavirus reactions by nation’s governments causing tens of millions of toddlers to be imperiled by host of deadly diseases.

WHO… promoting “National unity and global solidarity.” Where this is headed; what is coming.