AAISAD 0259 – Al Qaeda & attack at Pensacola Naval Stn. China & “mass worldwide killing.” Pompeo & coronavirus inquiry. Ignorance of Trump, Pompeo, & Team Trump re: Communist Chinese regime….

Proof Al Qaeda was behind Islamist Terror attack at US Naval Station Pensacola, December 2019.

Trump blames Communist China of incompetence for unleashing coronavirus pandemic.

Pompeo – the US stands with Australia on inquiry of coronavirus origins.

Trump, Pompeo, and Team Trump’s unconscionable ignorance and stupidity re: the Communist Regime of China….

The states of the USA “reopening” – baby steps. Pres. candidate¬†Joe Biden and no free hamburgers.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell getting the nation’s work done.

Michigan’s Edenville Dam, federal regulators, and the flood of Midland, MI and beyond.

18-year-old men of color and cold-blooded murders of young women in America (Dominique Danzy and Jamie Kettering), and “justice” America-style.

Technology to the rescue, technology will save us…coming attractions!