AAISAD 0258 – Masks NOT allowed. White House and CDC. Navajo Nation. Murdered darlings. Murder by vehicle, and uneven “Justice.” In Technology we Trust?

Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns “stay-at-home” order. Annie’s Campground disallows masks to discourage violent criminals.

“There’s trouble in River City.” Conflict between Trump Administration, including the President’s Coronavirus Task Force and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the CDC’s data gathering of coronavirus cases and deaths, and guidelines for “reopening” the USA.

Navajo Nation’s strengths and virtues working against it as it suffers greatly from coronavirus.

Murder of Brian Marksberry revisited. Murders of Monica Moynan, Evelyn Mae Boswell, and Gannon Stauch.

Uneven “Justice” in charging, prosecution, and sentencing in cases of murder by drunk driving, vehicular murder, and hit-and-run murder. The dead: Evelyn Rodriguez; Brooke Hawley, Albert Rossi, and Dylan Mack, and an unnamed teen survivor critically burned; and a nanny and baby.

In technology we trust? What will the ultimate fruit be from the most highly advanced technology?