AAISAD 0257 – Coronavirus toll 300,000 & counting. Putin’s & Jinping’s propaganda machines. Youth generation & world regime. COVID-19 power grabs. Courts, Lawyers, Gangs, & Murders.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 death toll surpasses 300,000, cases pass 4.4 million, per Johns Hopkins University.

US State Dept.’s Global Engagement Center on Russian – Chinese coordination of anti-USA coronavirus pandemic propaganda.

The Trump Administration’s repeated glaring displays of historical ignorance….

Xi Jinping on the youth generation and Sino-US “friendship” – coming attractions.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pursuit of power.

Death Penalty option in Pittsburgh, PA Synagogue mass-murder despite defense lawyer Judy Clarke.

Black gang-bangers and “unintended” murders… in SC, PA, and FL. South Carolina Supreme Court’s creative, unanimous outrage. Victims – Martha Childress, Sinsir Parker, Keairra Attison.