AAISAD 0251 – Navajo Nation…. New Great Depression? Federal Reserve. President Trump opening US economy. Elections – Freedom vs. Totalitarian gov’t. Coming one World-wide Regime.

Navajo Nation – the toll taken by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new “Great Depression” brought about by ? Federal Reserve Bank’s Neel Kashkari – 18-month “strategy” of rolling shutdowns.[!]

President Trump focused on reopening the US economy. Cal Thomas “Liberate America.” Spain “free our children.”

PPE to Communist China in January-February. US governments forcing Americans to wear masks, cover faces. Communist Chinese Regime versus Hong Kong citizens and freedom. Bats & COVID-19 pandemic, Matt Ridley, WSJ, April 9, 2020.

Coming elections – what is at stake? Freedom, Constitutional government…US Senate races in ME, NC, CO, AZ, AL.

Oil companies in dire straights, North American meat facilities shut down, looming “Great Depression.”

US drought becoming worst drought since 800 AD!