AAISAD 0250 – Andrea Bocelli’s Easter gift. Bill O’Reilly’s callous arrogance. Scranton, PA, NICU, COVID-19, Indigenous peoples, 3rd World, & developed world. Trump. Cuban. Great Depression.

Andrea Bocelli’s Easter concert for Italy and the world.

Bill O’Reilly’s arrogance and callousness. Reckless, callous, negligent hospital administration.

COVID-19, & respiratory viruses and Native American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Indigenous peoples.

Third World / Developing World, medical care, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump’s confident guesstimating of US COVID-19 deaths. UK PM Johnson, COVID-19, and NHS.

Mark Cuban testing the waters…. USS¬†Theodore Roosevelt’s first COVID-19 fatality.

Another man-made “Great Depression!” one way or another.