AAISAD 0249 – Bats, viruses, & Pandemic. USA #1 for COVID-19 fatalities. Chernobyl radioactive forest wildfires. Hospital Administration Horrors.

Matt Ridley, WSJ, April 9, 2020 – The Bats Behind the Pandemic. Must Read investigative report on the connection between bats in Yunnan, China, and the coronavirus pandemic from Wuhan, China.

The USA gains the dubious distinction of having become #1 among nations for COVID-19 deaths!

Radioactive forests surrounding Chernobyl, Ukraine, burning. Pray for the people of Kyiv/Kiev and the surrounding areas.

“Perfect storms” – such as, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and pandemic.

Presidential Race 2020 Polls and so-called swing states “leaning” toward Dem. Joe Biden.

Dare I say “criminally negligent” hospital administrators assigning nurses to work in both NICU and on COVID-19 floor! Part 1.

UK – Death at a funeral!

Suffolk County NY Girl Scouts delivering during crisis!

USS Theodore Roosevelt revisited.

Putin’s Russian Air Force prodding, poking, testing, and provoking US air defenses yet again.

American farmers and ranchers suffering mightily from the measures taken to stem pandemic.

NYC Police forbidding Hasidic Jewish funerals.

President Trump, “I’m a Christian.”