AAISAD 0248 – Kennedy family tragedy revisited. Bernie Sanders bows out. Whitmer & Biden’s VP sweeps. Pres. Trump & COVID-19 pandemic. Native American Indian Tribes in especially great peril.

An American tragedy that stands out during the midst of these times of COVID-19 pandemic:  Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean’s son Gideon’s body now recovered.

Bernie Sanders calls it quits regarding his presidential nomination race. Joe Biden looks for the perfect running mate.

Polls anyone? President Trump loses voter approval for mishandling of COVID-19 pandemic. Peter Navarro’s memos. Kayleigh McEnany a press secretary after the President’s heart.

US Customs and Border Protection & FEMA detain exports of medical supplies and equipment: respirators / ventilators, surgical gloves and masks…. Ugly American syndrome abroad, among allies, over means of cornering market on such vital supplies and equipment.

France’s death toll continuing to reach worse highs, while Italy’s death rate is now falling.

Texas choosing to attempt to save COVID-19 patients instead of murdering babies, what are they thinking?

Navajo tribal nation President Jonathan Nez, NM Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham…. Native American Indian Tribes in greatest jeopardy from COVID-19 pandemic due to very high rates of pre-existing disease conditions and dearth of medical staff and supplies for hospitals and clinics.

Dire trouble from COVID-19 pandemic also looming in developing, aka third-world, nations.