AAISAD 0245 – Pray for Maeve Kennedy McKean & son Gideon! NY death toll doubles as US pandemic deaths rise. Spain directive & so-called “futility of health care?”

Pray for Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean and her son Gideon, missing in Chesapeake Bay.

Pray for Batwoman production assistant Amanda Smith paralyzed in freak incident on set.

Doubling of deaths in New York, mounting deaths nationwide across USA.

Grave medical directives to Spain’s department of Catalonia regarding how to proceed for COVID-19 patients above age 80 or with preexisting conditions.

Pandemic flu concerns of HHS Secretary Alex Azar & Tim Morrison at BioDefense Summit April 2019.

All flights in and out of Russia halted.

Free Joseon founder and helpers being hunted by Kim Jong Un’s North Korean assassins in the USA.

Pray for Robert Levinson imprisoned by Islamist Iranian regime.

Communist Venezuelan naval incident in international waters.