AAISAD 0244 – Coronavirus cases 1 million+, deaths 50,000+. White House guesstimates raised. Arrivals from China. US Rep. Ilhan Omar’s death wishes for Americans. World Planners’ one-world regime.

Reported coronavirus infections world-wide = 1 million+; deaths = 50,000+….

White House raises it’s reported guesstimates of fatalities upwards after only a day, as modelers revise their guesstimates upwards.

3/4 million+ people entered the USA from Communist China during December, January, and February, oh my!

Islamist US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar wishes death to Americans!

Communist China’s deception regarding spread of coronavirus infection in China, and affect on response by other nations.

Dr. Cornelia Griggs message for her young children, as she works to save people from COVID-19.

What the future holds for the peoples of the world – regime changes, combined regime, one-world regime by the worst regime the world’s peoples have ever suffered under.