AAISAD 0241 – USA #1 in Coronavirus infections. Democrat Veep-stakes. Venezuela. Vladimir Putin’s Russia, & the COVID-19 disinformation campaign of Russia, China, & Iran.

First in War? First in Peace? USA 1st in Coronavirus infections.

Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders, and the Vemale Veep-stakes: US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto?

A twit-twit here, a twit-twit there, here a twit, there a twit, everywhere a twit-twit; Twitter refuses to play nice with the Tweeter-n-Chief.

President Trump not playing nice with Venezuela’s dictator-for-life President Nicolas Maduro, & Iran’s Islamist regime.

Vladimir Putin’s political campaign to persuade the world that he is Russia’s people’s choice to be dictator-for-life, aka President.

Mikey doesn’t like the coronavirus disinformation campaign conducted by Putin’s Russian regime, Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese regime, & Islamist Iran’s regime.

COVID-19 Pandemic’s affect on USA’s military preparedness, readiness.

NYC hospitals, a sneak peek, the tip of the iceberg, a preview of worse to come?