AAISAD 0237 – FL, IL, AZ – Democrat Presidential Primaries. Russia’s Putin’s campaign. EU borders. Terror in UK – Libyan Islamists. COVID-19 response team predictions.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, and St. Patrick’s Day minus parades…. Democrat Presidential Primaries in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, minus personal appearances…. 441 delegates on the line for Biden, Sanders, and Gabbard?

Russian President-for-life Vladimir Putin’s campaign, despite “epidemiological situation.”

EU nations to close external borders for 30-days, with exemption for UK.

UK Libyan Islamist found guilty of Islamist Terror attack in Manchester in complicity with bomber brother.

President Trump & Treasury Secty. Mnuchin economic rescue plans, incl. Sen. Romney’s ~$1,000 check initiative.

Treasury Dept. and IRS – three-month deferral of tax filing and tax payments.

MD House and IVF for unmarried people! Public Education and yoga. Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum.