AAISAD 0234 – Bernie, Bernie. Jill Biden bravely stands for her man. Alternate path to Presidency. Trump’s war powers, US, Islamist Iraq & Iran, & “justice”? Vladimir Putin for Emperor of Russia!

California called with the majority of results in; Washington state’s results on the way; Illinois and Arizona on the horizon; Bernie Sanders hangs on for “the debate” showdown with Joe Biden in AZ.

Jill Biden showed her spirit, devotion, and courage, as she did so very much more than go to bat for Joe, or merely stand by her man.

Liz Warren’s lusted after endorsement; let’s make a deal! Alternate paths to the Presidency.

Promises not withstanding, Bernie Sanders failure to get out the vote/turn out the vote of those 18-29 years of age.

Congress attempts to rein in President Trump’s war powers with respect to Islamist Iran (and thus Islamist Iraq…).

Konstantin Malofeev on Russia’s de facto dictator-for-life, Vladimir Putin, for Emperor of Russia (for life).