AAISAD 0233 – Biden, Sanders, & Primary Tuesday. Democrat’s undemocratic formula. Putin’s machinations. Murderous black gangs of teen males & females in Brooklyn. Coping with Pandemic.

Tuesday, Tuesday, can’t trust that day. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders vie for delegates in Michigan, Washington state, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota. Candidate surrogates.

The Democrat Party’s exceedingly undemocratic delegate allocation formula. Bernie vs. Joe, and Hillary Rodham Clinton? Let Joe be Joe, gaffes and all!

Vladimir Putin, President for life of the Russian Federation, schemes to justify his maintaining a lifelong grip on power.

Black vs. White? Brooklyn teen gang attempts to murder 15-year-old girl. Will “justice prevail?” Ask Judge Ruth Shillingford. “Youthful offenders” will be youthful offenders.

Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, and coping mechanisms. Nationwide travel bans, exhortations not to use subways, drive-through coronavirus testing, canceling in-person classes at schools and universities, postponing the 2020 Summer Olympics for a year or two? …