AAISAD 0232 – Pres. Trump’s “Diplomacy,” Islamist Afghanistan & Taliban. Benny Gantz’s betrayal of Israel. WHO’s coronavirus, COVID-19, non-Pandemic.

Team Trump & Islamist Afghanistan. The Taliban having their way with President Trump’s mighty USA.

Israel’s failed Prime Minister candidate Benny Gantz engineering Islamist Arab control, dare I say takeover, of Israel.

Continued pandemic denial by the WHO & President you-know-who, as the coronavirus, COVID-19, circles the globe and spreads across continents, and throughout nations.

Stephen King on the truly immense difference between the virus contagion in his “The Stand” and the current coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. Prince Philip’s reincarnation wish.

Stock market, crude oil & Putin’s Russian Regime, Islamist OPEC, & Islamist Saudi Arabian Regime.

Better late than never? Belated endorsements before March 10th Democrat Primaries and Caucuses.