AAISAD 0230 – “Super Tuesday”? Part 3 – Results. Joe rolls; Bernie thunders & accuses; Liz fizzles & contemplates; Mike crashes, bows out, & lends his “support” to his “friend.”

Joe Biden surges in every state, taking Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and additionally takes the states assumed by the experts to go to Bernie: Texas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Maine, even finishing strongly in California.

Bernie Sanders blusters and decries a vast Democrat establishment conspiracy to deny him the nomination, after winning only California, Utah, Colorado, and Vermont.

President Donald Trump, the tweeter-n-chief, tweets furiously of a vast Democrat establishment conspiracy to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination.

Mike Bloomberg collapses, winning only American Samoa; bows out, and throws his “support” to his “friend” Joe Biden.

Liz Warren falls flat, and goes away to think deeply about whether to continue her campaign or cut a deal.