AAISAD 0229 – “Super Tuesday”? Part 2. Winning? Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. No “winner takes all” contests. Losing? Attrition. “Diverse coalitions”?

Super Tuesday – a break down of the 14 states, especially the Golden Sanctuary State, and American Samoa, and Democrats abroad.

Briefly, demographics, ground games, media buys, primary rules, “vote by mail.” 15% thresholds and proportional allocation of delegates for those who exceed the statewide and/or district thresholds.

Bernie’s “diverse coalition” composed of two key groups – eligible voters less than 30 years of age, and Mexican Americans…eligible to vote. Similarities between Bernie and a leader of yesteryear regarding exploiting youths for political…purposes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Bernie Sanders and breaking the nominating rules for him if he only obtains a plurality prior to the convention.

“Hardball’s” Chris Matthews’ “resignation” from MSNBC.

A cautionary tale/example, Sodomite hardball versus Margaret Court.