AAISAD 0228 – “Super Tuesday”? Part I. American Samoan Chief for life? WHO’s non-Pandemic rages on. UN’s IAEA and Islamist Iran’s “uranium enrichment” program.

Super Tuesday anyone? Joe Biden’s surge. Bernie Sanders “diverse coalition.” Michael Bloomberg’s self-interest. Liz Warren’s Abortion-Activist EMILY’s List support.

US Congressman Jim Clyburn’s political poetic license with Alexis de Tocqueville, on behalf of Joe be-good.

Spoiler’s spoiler alert – Bloomberg’s victory? American Samoa!

Better red than dead?¬†Plymouth Rock historical landmark vandalism, and significance to this year’s Democrat Presidential nominee race and general election.

UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA on Islamist Iranian Regime’s enriched uranium. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program.

The WHO and the coronavirus, COVID-19, non-Pandemic. FEMA awaiting word from the President to act.