AAISAD 0227 – Pandemic by any name. Gannon Stauch. Injustice system & defense attorneys. President Trump’s “deal” with Islamist Taliban. Erdogan’s Turkey. From SC to Super Tuesday.

Stepmother of the year? Follow-up on 11-yr-old Gannon Stauch.

The USA’s injustice system and the role played by wicked defense attorneys. Chicago Police¬†Commander Paul Bauer.

Taliban rescinds shiny new “reduction of violence” deal with President Trump and resumes terrorist attacks of US Forces, NATO forces, Afghani forces and police and citizens.

Coronavirus & Covid-19 spanning the globe, but not a pandemic?!

Erdogan’s Islamist “secular” Turkey opens the migrant flood-gates on Europe.

South Carolina victory for Joe Biden, thank you Jim. The gift that goes on giving – Steyer, Buttigieg, Klobuchar.