AAISAD 0223 – What is a fitting punishment for mutilating a girl? Nevada’s Democrat Presidential Debate & Caucuses; Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, Steyer…? Heroism & Love

What punishment should be assessed for a man viciously maiming, mutilating, disfiguring a girl?

Laws and grossly uneven “justice.” Perversion of language to pervert beliefs….

Michael Bloomberg’s ironic criticisms of Bernie Sanders. Vile, lewd, profane, master-manipulator Bloomberg get’s a verbal comeuppance at Las Vegas, Nevada Democrat Presidential Debate.

Democrat leaders versus Democrat rank and file; Democrat enslaved constituencies.

Coronavirus pandemic. Baby Elizabeth Hutt tragedy and Seattle Children’s Hospital and related tragedies due to Aspergillus mold.

Heroism & Love – Justin Jackson, then 12-years of age; Noah Woods 5-years-of-age!