AAISAD 0208 – Chinese Drones, Digital Currencies, A.I. – Artificial Intelligence R&D, Berlin; Nazi Occult-Astrology to Enneagram Astrology; Queen-maker; Horror

US Interior Department’s faux pas with entire fleet of Drones, those from China, and those using Chinese parts.

Digital Currencies – Communist Chinese regime’s digital currency, cryptocurrency….

Europe’s A.I. capital – Berlin-Brandenburg and Artificial Intelligence Research & Development, Blockchain startups and Digital Currencies….

From the Nazi Occult and Astrology to Enneagram Astrology.

Queen-maker Oprah and Marianne Williamson….

From …to “self-help” “spiritualist” Marianne Williamson, to “self-help” Enneagram Astrology….

The popularity of horror and blood-lust entertainment.