AAISAD 0197 – President Trump’s 75th D-Day Anniv. Speech; Trump & North Korea’s Kim Jong Un; Trump & Islamist Iran; Black African Islamist Terror in Somalia

President Donald Trump, the Poet-in-Chief’s imagined “eloquence” vs. reality and truth….

Pres. Trump’s tete-a-tete in the DMZ with BFF North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un.

Pres. Trump, the Tweeter-in-Chief’s version of “shock and awe” vs. the Islamist Iranian Regime.

Pres. Race 2020 – Pete Buttigieg & his hubby = 1/2 of “a dream ticket” for the brave new USA.

Justice, is that what they call it?  Rape?  The rape of the so-called “Justice system.”

Al Shabaab Black African Islamist Terror in Somalia; Islamist, Islam, Muslim, African, Black?