AAISAD 0189 – Chrissy Teigen’s 35 million fool-owers, Entercom’s David Field’s cause celebre Queer Channel Q corrupting youth…; demagogic, destructive pandering by radio & new media

Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, social media superstar, Entercom’s aggressive, offensive CEO David Field and his Pride & joy, Channel Q, leading their fool-owers to depravity and destruction.

Age-old evil objectives of Bauer Rothschild, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, & the Red Rules.

The UN’s campaign to promote and push one of their evil cause celebres, induced abortion.

Trump administration ending human fetal tissue research at NIH.

The Netherlands, truly a nether-world, the land of euthanasia, in all of its forms, for all people!