AAISAD 0188 – In The Year 2525; Justice?; Mass Murder vs. self-sacrifice; Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, Entercom’s David Field, Queer agendas, evil agendas

In The Year 2525 – they may find?

Justice, now an abstract darkly comedic concept.  Ryan Keith Cox’s heroic self-sacrifice in the midst of a mass-murder attack in Virginia Beach, VA.

Social Media superstar Influencer Chrissy Teigen, Entercom CEO David Field, Barilla CEO Claudio Colzani, Pied Pipers influencing, leading, & luring the young (and not-so-young) including Chrissy’s ~35 million fool-owers, bringing them under the influence of the sodomite agenda promoters, directly in line with the key directions of evil leaders of the past.  David Field making his mark with his aggressive, offensive CHANNEL Q LGBTQ+ Talk Radio Network.