AAISAD 0187 – “Monitoring” Sharks & Fiends; Carefree living; Islamist Terror Hezbollah & Hamas; Israel’s Fight for Survival; Norwegian “Justice”?

Israel’s fight for survival vs. Islam, including Hezbollah’s Ali Musa Daqduq’s Golan Terror Network & Hamas.

The modern state of Israel’s miraculous survival from Islamist annihilation, despite a worldwide arms embargo by the USA &  “free nations.”  Nancy Spielberg’s “Above and Beyond.”

Precious little ones: Elizabeth Shelley and Maleah Davis slaughtered by destroyers; Landen survives sure death.

“Justice”? – American style & Norwegian style!  Norway’s enlightened leadership at home and abroad.  What should “justice” be for murdering 77 people, gravely wounding vastly more?