AAISAD 0177 – The USA – UK “special relationship” part 2; UK gov’t. promotion & enforcement of destructive anti-christian agendas; UK Justice’s monstrous injustices

The true significance of the “Special Relationship” between the UK & USA.

UK gov’t. versus Christianity, christian morality, & christian culture….  UK gov’t. advocating for myriad evils from the feminist & sodomite agendas, to giving most favored status to Islam!

UK promotion of suicide via British Broadcasting Co. (BBC) airing of actual suicides; while UK threatens to shut down Premier Christian Radio due to complaints from non-christians.

Decades-long firearms ban for law-abiding citizens; no problem for hundreds of black gangs!

Justice UK-style; murderers are welcome!  UK courts’ insane special privileges afforded Islamist terrorists!  Home-grown Islamist terrorist murderers figuratively slapped on wrists.