AAISAD 0176 – The USA – UK “special relationship”; Global Climate Change, Greenpeace…Extinction Rebellion; UK Police; Barbara Hewson; Islam & FGM

The “Special Relationship” between the UK and the USA; what the true significance is.

New World Order-triggering event “Global Climate Change,” & the role played by leftist political activists, from Greenpeace to Extinction Rebellion (which will usher in “population reduction”!).

UK gov’t. versus Christianity, christian morality, & christian culture…!  UK gov’t. advocating for myriad evils from the feminist & sodomite agendas, to giving most favored status to Islam!

Barbara Hewson, UK’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg, lowering age of sexual consent to 13-years of age!

The UK where the government has police confront and scare little children for innocently playing!