AAISAD 0171 – Spongy lovahs, Bubba & Tucka; Poor Southern Morris Dees’ SPLC; R. Kelly enablers; Imprisonment for life, or until you leave!; Cautionary Tales!

Bubba-The-“Love”-Sponge & spongy Tucker Carlson, jerks by any other names….

Southern Poverty Law Center, is that what they call it?  Morris Dees, one man’s pooh boy is….

The NHL, like “Commish” Goodell’s NFL, …championing the Sodomite agenda cause célèbre!

NXIVM, Keith Raniere….  R. Kelly, an “artist” destroyer that only a vile nation could countenance.

Convicted murderers leaving prisons here and there.  JetBlue’s JFK Black History Month tribute.

Cautionary tales! – of a beautiful young SC co-ed, and a God-fearing woman from Peru.