AAISAD 0144 – Oops UPS; Iran, & Putin’s hit teams, & China’s provocateurs; “best & brightest”?

UPS robbed of 400+ firearms. Iran reigns down missiles at targets in Syria, more to come!

Putin’s assassination hit squads at work abroad. Ricin mailed to the Pentagon.

Taking a page from A. Lincoln’s playbook: Communist China provoking US to initiate warfare.

Indonesia and “the Ring of Fire”! Jamal Khashoggi missing inside Istanbul Saudi consulate!

Texas St. Board of Ed. bored with Hillary; she & gal-pal “Hurricane Donna” not getting respect they demand.

56-yr-old Cuban-American beauty Maria Elvira Salazar, next US Senator from Florida?

Brett Kavanaugh & Donald Trump, among “The Best & the Brightest”?!